Black Stainless Steel Ball End Cremation Urn Charm Bracelet

Black Stainless Steel Ball End Cremation Urn Charm Bracelet


This cremation urn bangle is made from gunmetal black plated stainless steel and will never rust or tarnish. The bangle has an inner diameter of 2 3/8". It should comfortably fit a wrist of 6.75" -7.5".

One side of the bangle can be opened by unscrewing the ball to add your own charms. The small heart urn measures approximately 17mm and can be stamped with an initial of your choice. These bracelets are not adjustable. Please make sure of your wrist size before purchase.

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To fill the heart urn, simply remove the screw from the top and use a mini funnel to insert a small amount of dust into the charm. It is recommended to place a drop of glue on the end of the screw before tightening to ensure the remains stay sealed airtight forever. All of my urn jewelry comes with a fill kit that includes a funnel and fill instructions.

To measure your wrist:
Use a flexible measuring tape, like the ones used in sewing, or a strip of paper or a piece of yarn and a ruler. If you're using the measuring tape, wrap it comfortably around the wrist where you'd like the bracelet to sit. Where the tape overlaps is your wrist size. If you're using the paper / string method, mark where it overlaps and then place it next to a ruler to get your measurement. The small size cuff fits wrists 5-7", with 5" being fairly loose and 7" being a much tighter fit. The larger cuff will fit wrists 7-9", with 7" being a loose fit and 9" being much tighter.