Personalized Enameled Stethoscope Nurse Pin

Personalized Enameled Stethoscope Nurse Pin

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This adorable stethoscope credentials pin makes the perfect gift for your favorite nursing school graduate!

The stethoscope shaped pin measures approximately 1" (2.6cm) long (before charms and about 1.5" with hanging charms) by .6" (1.5cm) wide. The stethoscope comes in your choice of the following enameled colors with black in a gold or silver base.

• Silver / White
• Silver / Red
• Silver / Black
• Gold / Black
• Silver / Purple Blue
• Silver / Lt. Blue
• Silver / Pink

Up to four personalized discs can be hung from the stethoscope. Each disc measures 1/2" round and can be personalized with up to six characters straight across or 10 around the curve of the disc.

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