New Site! New Site!

Hooray! It’s time for a new website!

The old one was good, but there are many factors that ultimately made me decide a new host was in order. I hope that this site is a little bit easier to navigate and easier on the eyes. It’s definitely a long process and I’m working on getting all 500+ products and variations together and uploaded to the new space.

One of the things that is the hardest is streamlining my product photography. I’ve been working with some photographers on getting professional images together and it’s definitely a process. While it’s not always practical to send my items out to be photographed, nothing beats a professional eye when it comes to staging shots. These photos are courtesy of Jessie Wyman Photography and they are gorgeous and what I imagine my grown up aesthetic to be. I’m also in shock and awe of how she was able to photograph rose gold so true to color. My own attempts are… well… not so great.

So I guess my random babbling will end here. Please excuse the mess while I’m streamlining everything it is a one woman show after all ;)